Advanced Microprocessor Trainer 8086A Model: NVIS-5586A

Advanced Microprocessor Trainer 8086A Model: NVIS-5586A

Brand: NVIS

Origin: India

Model: 5586A

General Description: Nvis 5586A is a single board microprocessor training/development kit configured around the Intel‘s 16 bit Microprocessor 8086. This kit can be used to train engineers, to control any industrial process and to develop software for 8086 systems. The kit has been designed to operate in the maximum mode. Co-processor 8087 and I/O Processor 8089 can be added on board. The kit communicates with the outside world through an IBM PC compatible Keyboard with 20x2 LCD Display. The kit also has the capacity of interacting with PC. Nvis 5586A is packed up with powerful monitor in 128K Bytes of factory programmed EPROMS and 32K Bytes of Read/Write Memory. The total memory on the board is 144K Bytes. The system has 72 programmable I/O lines. The serial I/O Communication is made possible through 8251. For control applications, three 16 bit Timer/Counters are available through 8253. For real time applications, the 8 level of interrupt are provided through 8259. Nvis 5586A provides onboard battery backup for onboard RAM. This saves the user‘s program in case of power failure. The onboard resident system monitor software is very powerful. It provides various software commands like BLOCK MOVE, SINGLE STEP, EXECUTE, FILL etc which are helpful in debugging/developing software. An onboard line assembler provides user to write program in assembling language.
Nvis 5586A
Nvis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 5
Technical Specifications Central Processor : 8086, 16 bit Microprocessor operating in max. mode. Co-Processor Support: Support 8087 Numeric Data Processor. I/O Processor Support: Support 8089 I/O Processor. EPROM : 128K Bytes of EPROM Loaded with monitor program. RAM : 32K bytes of CMOS RAM with Battery Backup using 3.6V Ni-Cd Battery. Parallel : 72 I/O lines using three nos. of 8255. Serial : RS-232-C Interface using 8251. Interrupt : 8 different level interrupt using 8259. Timer/Counter : Three 16 bit Timer/Counter using 8253. Keyboard & Display : 105 IBM PC Keyboard & 20x2 LCD Display. BUS : All address, data and control signals (TTL Compatible) available at 50 Pin & 20 Pin FRC Connector. Power Supply : 5V/ 2 Amps, ±12V/250mA Physical Size : 32.6cm x 25.2cm Operating Temp. : 0 to 50°C. Included Accessories 26 Pin FRC Cable 3 No 50 Pin FRC Cable 1 No RS232 Cable 1 No SMPS Supply 1 No Jumpers 4 No Phoenix Connector 1No Keyboard 1No Keyboard Adaptor 1No 20PinFRC Cable 1No


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