Digital Color Test Pattern Generator Color System PAL

Digital Color Test Pattern Generator Color System PAL


Brand: SIMCO

Origin: Bangladesh

Model: SI-850

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Patterns: Color Bars, Raster, Crosshatch, and Points

Controls: Independent R, G, B, luminance, chrominance and color burst

Video output: Composite video, 1 Vp-p at 75 ohms load

RF output: VHF Max. 210 MHz / UHF Max 850 MHz
Color system: PAL-N (option PAL-B/G/I, changing chroma oscillator crystal)

Scanning system: Interlaced (Bars and Raster), Non-Interlaced (Cross-hatch and points)

Operation Mode: Multifunction Digital

Sound: 1 KHz Sine wave.

Power supply: 230 V AC 50Hz

Power consumption: 70 mA maximum (White Raster)


Applications: Television receptors adjustment (purity, convergence, linearity, etc.),

Troubleshooting of video section in television sets and video recorders, teaching of video generation techniques


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