Intermediate Spectrometer

Intermediate Spectrometer


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spectrometer is an incredibly important and powerful scientific instrument, as it
allows analysis of the composition of matter and the structure of atoms, just from the
light emitted or absorbed by it. For example, the element helium was discovered using
a spectrometer. However, it was not first seen on Earth, but as a bright yellow line in the
spectrum of sunlight.
The principle is simple: incident light is bent, or refracted, through an optical device such
as a prism or diffraction grating. A spectrum is produced, with each wavelength of
light refracted by a unique angle. By measuring the angles at which light is refracted,
a precise spectrum can be determined. The spectrum contains a great detail of
information about the substance it came from.
By looking at which spectral lines are present, the composition of a light source such as a
star can be determined. By looking at what spectral lines are missing, otherwise known
as an absorption spectrum, the composition of a body that does not emit its own light,
such as a gas cloud, can be determined.
A spectrometer has applications in many areas of science, including astronomy and
analytical chemistry. When combined with a spectrum lamp, Philip Harris spectrometers
provide an accessible way to teach this essential area of physics.
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Intermediate Spectrometer shield is fixed to the telescope movement and the table minute of the arc. Both telescope and table rotations have fine adjustment screws, and release of a clamping screw
enables adjustments of both movements to be made by hand. line graticule. Both the telescope and the collimator have rack and pinion focusing. placing the prism with respect to the table levelling screws. B8A46383
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