Maxwell’s Bridge Trainer Model: NVIS-6533

Maxwell’s Bridge Trainer Model: NVIS-6533

Brand: NVIS

Origin: India

Model: NVIS-6533

Nvis 6533 Maxwell's Bridge trainer is a useful training product for measuring very small values of inductance. It is
useful for students to understand the concept and operation of A.C. Bridges. Maxwell's bridge can be used to
determine value of unknown inductance by comparison with either variable standard self inductance or standard
variable capacitance. By setting the null point we can evaluate the unknown inductance value. This product has an
on board null detection circuit with differential amplifier, AC to DC convertor and DPM. A 1 KHz sine wave
generator is provided with amplitude variation facility.

• Illustration of both Maxwell's inductance bridge and
• Maxwell's inductance-capacitance bridge on a single board
• Inbuilt 1 kHz sine wave generator with variable amplitude
• Null detector with DPM
• Online product tutorial

Technical Specifications:

Mains supply : 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz
DC Power supply : +12V, -12V
Sine wave generator
Fixed Frequency : 1KHz ±5%
Amplitude Control Range : Upto 20Vpp
Unknown Inductors : 10 mH, 20mH, 30 mH,
56μH, 24μH, 12μH
DPM : 200mV
Unknown Internal Resistance:470W, 10 , 20 , 30
Dimensions (mm) : W 240 x D 345 x H 110


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