Microprocessor Trainer Model: NVIS-6054

Microprocessor Trainer Model: NVIS-6054

Brand: NVIS

Origin: India

Model: NVIS-6054

Nvis 6054 Joule's Constant Measurement Setup (by electrical method) is useful to determine the mechanical
equivalent of heat. It consists of Calorimeter to isolate water thermally from the surrounding and Measurement
Unit with LCD to display Voltage, Current and Time. According to Law of Conservation of Energy, electrical energy
provided is equal to heat produced if very less heat is lost through the system. Current is passed in a coil to rise the
temperature of known mass of water in a calorimeter. By measuring heat produced corresponding to the provided
electrical energy, value of Joule's Constant is determined.


Complete setup for measuring Joule's constant
Constant current source
Calorimeter to prevent heat loss
LCD Display
Online product tutorial

Scope of Learning:

• To determine mechanical equivalent of heat (J)
joule's constant by electrical method

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply
Input : 230V AC 10%, 50Hz
Out put : 0-10V / 0-1.5A
Material : Copper Container
Volume : 140 ml
Heater Coil
Material : Nichrome
Resistance : 5O
Least count : 1°C
Maximum range : 110°C


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