Planck’s Constant Model: NVIS-6025

Planck’s Constant Model: NVIS-6025

Brand: NVIS

Origin: India

Model: NVIS-6025

Nvis 6024 Determining Planck's Constant Using Photo Vacuum Tube illustrates the basic concept of the Quantum Mechanics. It helps to
understand the phenomena of photon, its energy, frequency, etc. This product is mainly used to determine the fundamental constant of Quantum
Mechanics called “Planck's constant”. It is an effective and easy way to determine this constant. For the invention of Planck's constant Max Planck is
awarded by Nobel Prize in 1918.
The setup consists of Photo Vacuum Tube, glass filters of different color, Variable DC Supply, digital voltmeter and ammeter. Using this setup we can
also calculate the energy of photon. Planck's constant relates the energy of light photons to their frequency.


}Self contained
}Photo Electric cell and Light Source provided
}Precise measurement of current and voltage
}Variable Power Supply (0-5 Volt)
}Online product tutorial
}2 Year Warranty

Scope of Learning:

?Determination of Planck's Constant using Photo Vacuum Tube

Technical Specifications:

DC Power Supply : 0-5V
Filters Colors : Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange
Light Source : Halogen lamp 50W
Optical Bench : 50cm
DC Voltmeter
Type : LCD
Display : 3½ digit
Range : 200mV - 200V
DC Ammeter
Type : LCD
Display : 3½ digit
Range : 2 μA - 200mA
Mains : 230V ±10%, 50Hz
Fuse : 0.5A


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