Sodium and Spectrum tube Power supply

Sodium and Spectrum tube Power supply


Brand: SIMCO

Origin: Bangladesh

Model: SI-9704S

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Light source is an essential for all optics systems. With a good spectral light source, students can investigate energy levels using spectrometer. In laboratory work generally artificial light sources are used, which are necessary for understanding the behavior of optics phenomena

It consists of an auto leak transformer giving a starting voltage of 470 V (approx.) which automatically reduces when the current is regulated to 0.9A (approx.). The transformer and Ignitor are placed in a safety metal box. A support rod for the lamp house is biased  on the heavy Type A Base.


·         Designed by considering all safety standards

·         Holes are provided to exhaust the hot air

·         Easy to operate

·         Special Type of D -Connector is use for lamp source


·         Wavelength: 5893Å

·         Operating wattage :35W

·         Main’s supply: 230V ±10%, 50Hz


SL NO        Items Name                                                              Qty.
1.                 Power Supply                                                             1
2.                 Lamp Housing with Connecting cable             1
3.                 Supporting rod of 19”                                              1
4.                 Clamp                                                                              1
5.                 Type A Base                                                                   1
6.                 Power Cable                                                                  1
7.                 35 W sodium Lamp (optional)                               1
8.                 Manual in English                                                        1


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