Traveling Microscope Model: NVIS-657

Nvis 657 Traveling Microscope is an extensively used product in Research, Colleges, Schools and Industrial
laboratories for accurate measurement of the diameters of different objects. Two slow motion knobs are provided
for taking accurate readings. For placing objects on horizontal stage, milky cenolite sheet is provided on the base.
The position of the Microscope can be varied coarsely by sliding along the rails, or finely by turning the screw. The
microscope is focused by rack and pinion, and has achromatic objective of 50mm focal length and eye piece with
cross line graticule.
Purpose of the microscope is to aim at reference marks with much higher accuracy compared to bare eyes .It is
used in labs to measure refractive index of liquids using the geometrical concepts of Ray Optics. It is also used for
accurate determination of small variation in the liquid levels, the refractive index of liquids as well as in surface
tension & diameter of capillary tubes with precision.


  • Wide Aperture Optics
  • Accurate and precise arrangement
  • Magnifying lens for reading
  • Rack and pinion arrangement focusing
  • Online product tutorial

Technical Specifications:

Base : Iron
Scale : Stainless Steel
Vertical Scale
Main Scale : 0-150mm
Vernier Scale : 0-1mm
Least Count : 0.01mm
Horizontal Scale
Main Scale : 0-180mm
Vernier Scale : 0-1mm
Least Count : 0.01mm
Eyepiece : 10x (Ramsden)



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